Our Mattress Cleaning Services

Many people suffer from lack or sleep or sleep that is broken resulting in a variety of different problems including fuzzy thinking, irritability, and an increased risk of suffering from all different types of accidents. If you have been to visit your doctor and there seems to be no medical cause for your sleeping difficulties the problem could be as simple as a dirty mattress.

While most of us, do try and keep our mattresses as clean as possible by keeping our mattresses protected by mattresses covers and vacuum our mattresses frequently, these actions cannot keep a mattress clean forever.

We Can Make Your Mattresses Healthier

Here at Babylon Carpet Cleaning we can help to make your mattresses cleaner and healthier resulting in a better night's sleep for you and your family. Our professional mattress cleaning technicians use our state of the art steam cleaners and organic cleaning products to remove dirt, stains and odors and leave your mattresses fresh and clean and actually help to improve your bedroom air quality by preventing the dirt and dust from your mattresses from being thrown into the air.

How Your Mattresses Becomes Dirty

You are an excellent housekeeper, and you keep your home neat and tidy which makes it natural to question how in the world your mattresses can become so dirty that it can result in disturbing your sleep.

The simple truth is that despite your best efforts your mattresses are subject to some sleep disturbing elements including:

Normal household dirt, dust and pollen. The air in everyone's home is filled with tiny particles of dirt and pollen, and this dirt and pollen tend to land on your floor, furniture and bedroom mattresses.

Hair and Body Oils- Everyone's body and secret hair oils both when they are awake and when they are sleep, and these oils can get on your mattress cover with small amounts seeping through to the mattress under the cover. Also, many people use hair and body oils and other products to keep their hair and skin healthy, and these products get deposited on your mattress and pillows as well.

Perspiration and Other Bodily Fluids. As well as body and hair oils, everyone perspires during their sleep, also your mattresses may be the recipient of other bodily fluids such as those intimate moments between couples, those occasional accidents by children, pets and the elderly and other accidents caused when people are sick with the flu and other illness.

These bodily fluids can result in odors that you may not notice when you are awake, but become magnified during sleep.

Dead skin cells. Dead skin cells also are shed by the body during sleep adding to the other elements in your mattresses that create dirt. In many cases, dust mites who feed off your dead skills are also left behind on your bedroom mattress.

All of these pollutants can result in poor or disturbed sleep, lower your bedroom air quality and even increase allergy symptoms and asthma attracks resulting in less sleep.

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